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DTA, Ultra Light philosophy, aeronautical requirement

Nestled in the Rhone Valley, in the South of France,

DTA design and produce trikes and gyroplanes in series. The DTA team is passionate about aviation and aim to offer gyroplanes and trikes well known for their reliability, robustness and quality. The expertise of our design office and our workshops enable us to produce well-finished and technologically advanced airplanes.
DTA is also world famous for its customer-oriented after-sales service and support. Our team is always available for technical assistance.

Passive safety

Safety has always been one of our main concerns. This is the paramount criterion in our technical choices.

Reliability and technicality

Our pre-delivery checks cover more than 500 points, they are done on the ground and then in flight. On delivery, the engine is already run in, the wing perfectly adjusted and you can fly immediately!

Incomparable finish

The quality of finish and the attention to detail will amaze you!
It is our customers who say it!

Efficient after-sales service

We have in stock permanent spare parts.
A parcel can in most cases leave in the day.

DTA production in pictures

The know-how in our workshops allows us to always offer you machines at the cutting edge of technology and remarkable finishing.

Find a DTA dealer

The dealer network DTA is at your disposal to find out about the commuter DTA, offer you a flight test, make a quote and also teach you how to fly.
They are recognized professionals.

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DTA France

de Montélimar Ancône
11 avenue Gaston Vernier
26200 MONTELIMAR - France

Tel. +33 (0) 4 75 90 97 55

Our partners

Mutual trust with our various partners, internationally renowned service providers for a high-quality final manufacturing quality.

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Tél. +33 (0) 4 75 90 97 55‬
Aérodrome de Montélimar Ancône
11 avenue Gaston Vernier
26200 MONTELIMAR France

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