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  • Magic

    The practical and powerful wing without mast by DTA
  • Magic

    The practical and powerful wing without mast by DTA
  • Magic

    The practical and powerful wing without mast by DTA

Ultra practical, with exceptional performance without mast

Thanks to its surface of 12 m 2, it is particularly light when driving even in muscular conditions.
You want to continue to land everywhere, to fly slow, to accelerate without doing weight training.
You want to return your pendular in the first hangar plane that presents itself without contortioning the wing.
You want to fold your wing by leaving it on his tricycle when at a stage the wind may rise and the sheds are complete.
The wing without Magic mast is made for you!
  • Surface

    12 m 2
  • Wing span

    9,4 m
  • Minimum speed (stall)

    64 km/h
  • Max. speed (VNE)

    180 km/h
  • Max. mass

    472,50 kg
  • Empty weight

    59 kg
  • Overall height

    1,80 m
* refer to the technical brochure to have the full specifications and legislation of each country for maximum permissible masses at takeoff.

Lightness, precision and safety

The performance is fun and flying pendulum is for you synonymous with play, fun, nose to the wind to smell the scents of the earth and dream of your next trips and walks.
Its overall height is reduced by 1 meter compared to a wing with mast gives access to all aircraft hangars. Overall height on trike Combo for example: 2,50 m

Technical details

The versatility of this wing makes it possible to equip all DTA trikes, from the Rotax 582 engine to the Rotax 912 and 912S, while maintaining a maximum take-off weight of 472.5 kg.

The anti-stitched cables are replaced on each half-wing by a carbon balestron ending at the trailing edge and by a deflection tube at the end of the wing blocking down the slats of the last third of the wing.

Load tests were carried out at 450 kg + 6g - 3 g. The joints of stay cables, moving and vital parts, were tested at +10 g for 450 kg.

Rates and documentation

The DTA wings are tested and settled in flight at Montélimar before delivery.

DTA understands that every customer is a unique project. For this reason we organize and treat each request in a specific way with all the attention that is due to it.
It is in "project mode" that we formalize this relationship and we are committed to producing very complete machines in their series configurations so as to process each project faster and ensure a more competitive price than our dear competitors with identical configuration

Go from dream to reality…

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