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  • Dynamic 15/430

    Lively, agile and easy to fly ... by DTA
  • Dynamic 15/430

    Lively, agile and easy to fly ... by DTA
  • Dynamic 15/430

    Lively, agile and easy to fly ... by DTA

A lively, fast and efficient wing

You like bright, fast and efficient wings, try the Dynamic 15/430, you will have a great pleasure to fly it.
A cruising speed of 110 km / h can be maintained effortlessly. The Dynamic 15/430 accelerates and slows down easily. This wing of 13.6 m2 remains healthy to drive at low speed.
  • Surface

    13,60 m 2
  • Wing span

    9,80 m
  • Minimum speed (stall)

    53 km/h
  • Max. speed (VNE)

    160 km/h
  • Max. mass

    430 kg
  • Empty weight

    54 kg
  • Overall height

    2,90 m
* refer to the technical brochure to have the full specifications and legislation of each country for maximum permissible masses at takeoff.

Lightness, precision and safety

His stall is calm and progressive.
In addition, its finesse allows it to be also very economical in fuel.
The driving is flexible and without physical effort. With a trike Combo, you will discover a player set, lightweight, economical and able to take you on a trip!

Technical details

Particularly smooth in pitch, easy to roll, the Dynamic 15/430 is a uniform and precise wing even at the maximum load of 430 kg.
The neutral is well defined with a very light reminder.

The impressive speed range, the excellent performance make it with a trike Feeling or a Combo for example, a high-performance travel machine.

Rates and documentation

The DTA wings are tested and settled in flight at Montélimar before delivery.

DTA understands that every customer is a unique project. For this reason we organize and treat each request in a specific way with all the attention that is due to it.
It is in "project mode" that we formalize this relationship and we are committed to producing very complete machines in their series configurations so as to process each project faster and ensure a more competitive price than our dear competitors with identical configuration

Go from dream to reality…

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